The concept of Hijab in Western countries

The hijab is considered as a basic part of the dress of Muslim women. This new report briefly describes the problems faced by the women wearing hijab. It shows that a woman need help with a flat tire, she properly covered her body and wear hijab to give the glimpse of Islamic attire. The respect and dignity of the woman are the most essential part of the ethics of all the societies of this world.

The cast, color or religion does not make a difference in this regard. No one helped her in that get up. She was in trouble, a large group of people was watching her, but did not want to help. At the same time, she decided to put off her hijab and jacket. She then tried to deal with the issue of flat tire, this time many people tried to help her.

The body language and gestures of this woman attract the people from all walks of life. It is quite ridiculous. The public should be ashamed of their mentality. This news report is quite upsetting as it had shown a series of atrocities held for the woman wearing hijab. In most of the western cities, Muslims are seen from the sight of inferiority.

Non-Muslims treat them like a stray animal. They are deprived of their religious rights. The news is spreading rapidly on the social media. People were giving their mixed reviews on this incident. At the same time, such controversial topics, raise thousands of questions against the Muslim community of the western world.

In some parts of the world, Muslims are raising their voices against such incidents, but no one bothers to take certain incentives for the basic rights of this community. It is really regrettable that western world believes that Muslims are terrorists and Islam gives the lessons of bloodshed and brutality. In the reality, Islam is the religion of peace.

The verses of the Holy Quran and the saying of the prophet Muhammad (SAW) gives the lessons of peace, love and humanity. The life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a role model for the entire world, but still some people of the western world hate this religion and hurt the dignity of the Muslim woman. The evidence is seen in this news report where no one wants to help a woman wearing hijab.

The concept of Hijab in Western countries