The conflict between India and Pakistan

The never ending conflict between India and Pakistan create problems for public on both the sides. The transportation services gone paused, the visa issuance was also pause and the non-native people living on either side remain in trouble due to these creepy issues.

It seemed that no one had a tangible solution to solve the problems of these countries. Currently, the issue of CPEC (China, Pakistan Economic Corridor) remains the highlight of the news. This successful execution of this project threatens India to certain extend. That is why the politicians of India are showing their anger towards Pakistan.

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They are constantly trying to provoke the war and disturb the socio-economic structure of Pakistan. Though, this news report had shown one of the lighter sides of this whole scenario. It showed the reaction of a young generation of India when they are asked to speak something about Pakistan. These young people literally showed no feeling of abhorrence or disliking Pakistan.

This news report is receiving good ratings on social media. They want to build good relations with their neighboring country. The people of India praise the artists of Pakistan and requested them to do more for their entertainment industry. It is only their politicians and ministers who are trying to provoke the ambience of war. They are actually blood lovers.

The love of human flesh and bones lies in their genes. The countries of India and Pakistan are already facing social, political and economic problems, and uncertainties like wars and physical fights will harm the countries. The wars and fight certainly had worse physiological effects on the mind of the people. Therefore, politicians had to understand the situation rather to react aggressively.