The greed for money

The greed for money creates different problems in a life of a person. It is really difficult to control once this greed get into the veins of a person. It destroys the life of many people. There are countless examples written in the historical books that actually showed that greed destroys the entire communities.

This news report showed that avariciousness of the college girls urges them to pick the thousand rupee note laid at the veranda of their college. The girls are coming one by one in the veranda and saw that note. Almost all of these girls pretend that it was there note.

They desperately want to pick the note, but could not able to put in their bags. Their clumsy acts and the desire of wealth urge the viewer to laugh on their mentality. The news had gone viral on most of the sites of social media. The comments and reviews of the people are really interesting and hilarious.

The high cost of living today eventually increases the greed among the people. Everyone is getting crazy to earn a large amount of money. People forget their families, friends and relatives because they want to earn money. Each and every aspect of their life revolves around wealth and money.

Regrettably, they forget all the religious and cultural values of the society. One aspect of this news report had also shown that the instinct of avariciousness and greed lies in the very genes of human beings. Some people believe that humanity is fading due to this reason.

The curse of wealth had swallowed all of the human values. The race to attain the money and wealth eventually causes the end of the world one day, because the participants of this race are badly crushing some of the most important things of the life.

The greed for money