The issues of women empowerment in Pakistan

The news reports related to women empowerment in Pakistan are not new. It is quite a challenging task. The gender based discrimination is one of the major issues of this country since the time of its birth. The social activists and courts of Pakistan, although formulated the laws and policies related to this topic, but regrettable everything just remains on paper.

There is no practical appliance of laws related to women empowerment. There are countless articles and books written on these issues, but it is an accepted fact that these types of things are not getting change overnight, it will take decades to change the entire system and aware the public about the importance of women in a society.

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It is 21st century; the high-tech world of today has not allows the people to waste their time on such creepy talks, but it is the serious issues of the countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. This news report had shown that a woman fed up with the attitude of her husband and showed her anger by calling for a live TV show.

She was so depressed and suppressed from the creepy norms of society that she literally abuses her husband and used slang words for her. The host and the guests on the TV show get shocked for a while. They could not able to control the situation on a live show.

Her talks simply portrayed that women in some parts of Pakistan are treated as an object that are used by man according to their will. She had no rights of herself. Therefore, it is necessary to change the basic social attitude of the society towards the rights of woman.