The misunderstandings about Islam

The religion of Islam is the most understood religion of the world. There are several fake myths and beliefs that people used to relate with this religion. This news report also portrays an example of a fake myth and believes about Islam. It is really regrettable indeed. In reality, Islam is religion of peace, love and truth.

It is the only religion that is based on true virtues. It is the religion based on the concept of one God and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last messenger of God. The holy book of Quran is the eternal word of Allah. The religious books of other books were amended with time. Moreover, some religious personalities also tried to ameliorate their holy books, but Quran had never changed.

It is in its original condition. Almighty mentioned this in the verses of the Quran. It is not just a religious book. It is the firm belief of the Muslims that the Quran has and will never change a single word of it because it is an ultimate truth. In fact, it is the miracle of Allah. The main topic of this holy book is a human being.

Most of its chapters revolve around the concerns of the lives of human being. A major portion of this book portrays the glimpses of the creation of the universe. The evidences of most of the scientific research work are found in this book.

The enemies of Islam are trying their best to humiliate and degrade the dignity of this religion. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a complete human being in all respects. The life of the Prophet is inspiration of Muslim. Non-Muslims are also impressed by the ways and teachings of this man. His personality is exceptionally exemplary.

The misunderstandings about Islam