The painful stories of Kashmir

The painful stories of Kashmir wet the eyes of the viewer. The people of this land are facing hardships since the partition of the Indian Subcontinent. The Kashmiris are badly affected by the fights between India and Pakistan. The behavior of Indian army with the people of Kashmir is inhumane.

They are spreading the waves of terror and dread in this land. The army men are creating many problems for these people. They are looting their houses, molesting their daughters and sisters and executing the men without reason. There are countless news reports based on the atrocities of the Indian army with the Kashmiris.

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This news report is another addition to that massive list of atrocities. It showed that army men were hitting the women with sticks. They are snatching their scarves and tearing their dressing at public places. Hundreds of women become the victims of such acts. They were literally screaming for help, but the stone hearted people of Indian army are constantly disturbing them and making fun of their dignity.

The heart, mind and soul of a man get shattered to see the harshness prevails in the streets of Kashmir. Such incidents had many psychological effects on the minds of the victim. There are chances that some of the victims lose the normal state of mind and gone into the stage of unconsciousness.

It is really difficult to control the mental condition of the women whose dignity was badly affected due to the forceful relationship. The social media users are giving their reviews on this news report, but all such activities could not help the victims. It is easy to talk on social and electronic media about all such topics, but these talks had no incentives on the lives of the people of Kashmir.