The relationship of father and daughter

The relationship of father and daughter is one of the sacred relations of this world. Almost every religion and human societies of this world see this relation with love and respect. This relation plays a vital role to build a character of a woman. The Father is the first role model and idol of the daughter.

He is the first man every little princess gone in love with. According to physiologists, the choice of a woman to choose her husband actually depends on what kind of her relationship she had with her father. This news report showed how the renowned business men, actor, director and writer Donald Trump showed his love towards his princess.

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There are many evidences that showed that their bond is really strong. In an interview, the father and the daughter Ivanka Trump are invited to share their feelings with the public. Trump humorously said that he wants to date his daughter because she is the most beautiful lady of this world. The jocund hosts and other guests get shocked to hear such words from Trump.

The entire hall was infused with humorous chats of Trump and his daughter. Although, electronic and social media highlighted this issue in a negative way and make fake scandals of Donald Trump. People are giving negative reviews and comments on social media as well.

Although, it makes no difference for Trump and his daughter, but it is quite unethical to humiliate such a famous personality. Regrettably, there are countless cases in our societies that showed atrocity of a father towards their daughters, but it does not mean that each and every father belongs to similar category.