The rising issues between India and Pakistan

The news reports of conflicts between India and Pakistan are not new. These are two nations that are divided by destiny, but unfortunately united by a grand history of mankind. There are different issues that give birth to the sudden disputes between two countries. Currently, such news remains the highlights of most of the local and international news channels. The issues of water resources, the disputes to snatch Kashmir and the rising issue of CPEC (China, Pakistan Economic Corridor) are creating critical problems for both the countries.

According to the news analysts and other senior journalists there are a very few chances of war, but still the military forces of both the countries are working hard to face any unsuitable conditions. The waves of terror and dread infused into the environment of Indian Subcontinent. It is not wrong to state that war is no solution to any of the conflicts between these countries; war will actually give birth to more problems and misunderstandings. People of both the nations are praying for peace and prosperity.

It is actually the members of political parties that are creating misunderstanding and provoke the public to fight with their neighbors. They had the thirst of human blood and also had an appetite for human flesh and bones. People of both the countries simply want peace and prosperity. On the other hand, the commencement of the war will create problems for both the nations. These two neighbor countries have already aced social, political and economic problems, and uncertainties like wars and physical fights will literally harm the countries.

The politicians of India are constantly provoking their military forces to throw attacks on Pakistan. They are not letting a chance to humiliate the dignity of their neighbor country. Pakistan is already facing serious issues. This country is depriving from social, political and economic stabilization since after the partition. The economic corridor between Pakistan and China would ultimately enhance the 2% of the total GDP of the country, but India could not able to tolerate this. It is quite impossible for Indians to see any success of its neighbors.

That is why it is creating a fuss of nothing. The devils of the humanity are taking precious lives of Pakistani soldiers on the borders. The electronic and print media are constantly highlighting the news and warning the Indian army to stop the bloodshed on borders. But it seems that these blood lovers want the answer in their own language. They do literally not understand the language of humanity.

Moreover, China and Russia openly announce to support Pakistan in case of war. There are many other countries of the world that are joining their hands to speak against the brutality of India towards its neighboring country. The trio of Pakistan, China and Russia can create great problems for India that is why he is a bit scared after hearing such news, but the PM of India and other political people are still showing their negativity. They are uselessly highlighting the causes of previous disputes.

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