The teachings of Islam

Islam was sent to the whole mankind. It teaches non-violence. There are many news reports that go against the favour of this religion. Especially the people of the Western world had many ambiguities regarding Allah, Muhammad, Quran and Islam. This news report is also one of such example.

The teachings of Islam revolved around the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). A man on whom Allah revealed the holy book of Quran. Many non-Muslims believed that Islam is the religion that promotes bloodshed, terrorism and war. It is one of the major misconceptions that are spread by enemies of Islam.

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The major cause of such misunderstandings and misconceptions is the group of people who are religious extremists. They had no knowledge of any religion. They are illiterate and barbaric people of the society. It is not wrong to say that these people are lovers of human blood, flesh and bones. ISIS is one of such example.

They spread terrorism in the name of Islam. Whereas, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) clearly said that the execution of an innocent human is equal to the execution of the entire humanity; no matters of his/her caste, colour or religion. The basic aim of Islam is to spread peace, love and kindness among human beings. It strongly bans and prohibits all forms of aggression and violence.

It is simply based on the principles of Humanity. The life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a great example of all the people. Some non-Muslims scholars also claim that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has been the most inspiring personalities on the Earth ever. His simplicity and code of conduct is enough to impress any person of this world.