The unseen stories of India

The unseen stories of India filled the heart of the viewers with pain and tears. This news report is spreading like a wildfire on social and electronic media. It is receiving a good rating. It shows how the principles of humanity are losing their values in India.

Non-Muslim communities of India are constantly teasing a Muslim woman. She was literally fed-up with their acts. At last she decided to end her life. She took her sons also and took their lives as well. The sudden deaths of the three precious lives give birth to several questions against the police and other security departments of India.

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The electronic media are raising this issue and intend to bring the real culprits in front of the public. Regrettably, police had not shown any interest in this case, until it was highlighted in the media. This hard throbbing story of a miserable woman brings tears to the eyes of the viewers.

The India is the country where one can see the flourishing customs and traditions of the colorful culture. People across the globe visits India to see the cultural diversities of this region. Unfortunately, behind this colorful tradition, there lies a bitter truth that literally hurt the lives of thousands of Muslims belongs to this land.

The words are not enough to express the sufferings of the Muslims. Different organizations and government now claim to provide security and protection to all the minorities. Along with the social activists, some people of Muslim communities start protesting to show their anger in this case. The streets and major boulevards of different cities were blocked where people protested enthusiastically and ask justice for the departed souls