Trend of fake peer in Indian subcontinent

The trend of fake peer in Indian subcontinent in increasing day by day. It is not wrong to state that the fake peer is unskillful and illiterate person of the society. They harm the society at its best. They shamelessly pretended themselves to be the spiritual personalities. They claim that they are blessed with supernatural powers. They are actually liars.

They just want to make money and destroy the lives of people through fake tricks. Just for the sake of the money they take advantages of the hardships of the people and assure them that they are having cure for all of their problems. Few people in our society are unaware and do not understand the fooling tricks used by the fake peer that is why they go to them and tells all of their problems and secrets from where the peer trap them.

There are thousands of news reports that unveil the reality of these people. This news report also showed another example of such incidents. But still some people of the Indian Subcontinent do not want to understand and goes there to waste their time. Mostly, women become victim of these people. They tried to molest and harasses the women.

People going to their places don’t realize that how negatively they are affecting the society. The social and electronic media is one of the great sources that revealed the reality of the fake peer. Some of the TV shows are bringing awareness among people to prevent themselves from such devils of the society.

Some of the governmental and non-governmental organizations are also working to eradicate this dirt, but it also the responsibility of each single person of a society to bring awareness among those people who goes to their places and follow all of their fake instructions.

Trend of fake peer in Indian subcontinent