Wilderness of people in Kerala

The wilderness of the people of Kerala stunned the people across the globe. The footages shown in this news report bristle up the mind and soul of people belongs to all the ages of life. It is really unethical and immoral to harm the animal without any reason.

The mob brutally attacked the leopard that was mistakenly arrived at the village. The arrival of this animal remains the hot topic for the villagers of Kerala, they do not let to miss the chance to take the life of this wild creature.

Leopard remains in agony for several minutes and eventually died. These people literally forget that the wildlife is the most important part of our eco-system. Their extinction leads towards many environmental problems. The constant attacks of human on wildlife will eventually collapse the whole eco-system.

The wildlife authorities of different countries are making efforts to provide a safe environment for wild creatures and are taking certain measures for the survival of extinct species. This energetic fight between the mob and leopard may amaze animal lovers, but such acts would harm the environment. The survival of these wild creatures is really important for a safe and healthy atmosphere.

This video of this news report f Kerala is highly condemn by thousands of people all around the world. Environmental activists are spreading this video and requesting the people to stop the barbarism on animals. Most of the customs, traditions and even religions of the world prohibited the execution of animals. People are raising questions against the villagers of the Kerala who brutally took the life of a leopard. They should call rescue teams rather to harm the animal.

Wilderness of people in Kerala