Young generation of India

This news report shows what young generation of India thinks about Pakistan. It has gone viral on different websites and social networks. The host of a TV Show took interviews of different people by going into schools, colleges and universities and asked them to share their feelings for Pakistan.

The Majority of the students of India speak in favor of Pakistan. They haven’t showed any abhorrence for their neighbor country. The rising conflicts between these two nations urge electronic media to do something that discourages war and fights.

The evidence is clearly seen in this news report. Fortunately or unfortunately these are two nations that are divided by destiny and united by history. There are countless issues between these two nations, but still public from both the side want peace.

These both countries always remain in the state of war due to the acts of their politicians and other ministers of government. Previously they fought four wars that badly disturb the socio-economic circle of the society. It is not wrong to state that people of India and Pakistan simply want to share love and peace.

Nowadays the issue of CPEC (China, Pakistan Economic Corridor) is creating troubles among the relationship of these two nations.  This economic corridor will boost the economy of Pakistan. It is actually a necessity of this under developed country, but politicians of India are creating a fuss of nothing.

It is often predicted that there are a very few chances of war, but still the military forces of both the countries are working hard to face any unsuitable conditions. On the other hand, the waves of terror and dread infused around the borders.

Young generation of India